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Making Disciples

Iron Sharpening Iron

Sunday School

A Place for You

Building a strong foundation for faith is priority one for Cascades Fellowship.  Our goal is to provide both age and developmentally appropriate materials and methods to Church Education.  That's why we strive to maintain a unified curriculum from grades K-12 and offer a class specifically designed for those developmentally challenged.  We also offer an adult Sunday school because we understand learning is a lifelong endeavor.  Our teachers bring their life experience into the classroom with them, making for some very exciting and impactful illustrations.  Just ask our kids about the day they learned about the sacrifices Abraham offered in Genesis 15!

T4's Youth Ministry

Building the Flock on the Right

Look into the face of our children and you see the future of the church.  Training them to follow Jesus Christ can be a daunting task, but is a necessary part of discipleship.  

Owning Your Faith

Real Faith for Real Life


Preparations for Life

A Closer Look

Not Your Average Bible Study

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