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I Have No Idea

When I started this adventure (seemingly a thousand years ago) the thought of having an outlet for the random thoughts that ping about my cranium seemed like a great idea. Then reality set in - I have no idea what I'm doing. Hashtags, categories, graphics, media, comments, and timely content overwhelmed me. The time I imagined myself sitting at my computer, a steaming cup of joe at hand, never seemed to materialize as busy day melted into busy day. And as often as not, my more poignant ideas came to me when I sojourned far away from a computer keyboard or even a pen and paper. In short, as a blogger, I was hopeless.

Finally, the shame of having the pre-generated message adorn this page for such a long period of time got to me.

So what does one blog about? Obviously, I don't want to set the standard too high, cause then I have to maintain such a level of brilliance I might forced to "borrow" liberally from others and end up in that special kind of purgatory reserved for the unimaginative caught with the intellectual property of the more adept.

Then the thought struck me. Perhaps, what I needed to do was simply offer what I have - simple thoughts from a simple mind. No more, no less. A little theological reflection; maybe some homespun tales about the crazy moments of life. Every now and then a sermon (I am a pastor) or thoughts on a burning question. Occasionally, a little politics and culture - maybe even sports.

So our journey together begins - inauspicious, even a bit mundane.. We may grow tired of one another after a time and choose to part ways. That's okay - but let's do so without breaking the bond of peace or threatening our unity in the Spirit.

Grace and peace.


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