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Who We Are

A Christian Reformed Church · Displaying God's love · Reflecting his glory · Sincere in fellowship · Vital in worship · Compassionate in witness · Shaping hearts through the message of Christ

Cascades Fellowship is a church devoted to developing a holy consciousness. We believe all of life is worship - whether we're nourishing our bodies with food, chatting with friends, playing music, or earning a living, every moment of every day is to the praise of God's glory. Our worldview is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, the only rule for life and faith. Whatever your age, gender or race, there is a special place for you in our fellowship. We offer members a chance to become part of something greater, to grow in their love and understanding of God and express his love for us by caring for one another. Get in touch today or swing by for a visit. We'd love to get to know you.

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What We Value

Rooted in Scripture, Expressed through Worship

We are a welcoming church, friendly and accepting, yet without compromise. Our church is committed to the Reformed faith and guided by two principles: To God alone be the glory and the Scriptures as the only rule for life and faith. This means that we hold a high view of Scripture, seeing it as God's self-disclosure to us so that we can know him and what he has done for us in Jesus Christ. As a church rooted in Scripture and aware of how history has shaped us, these are the values that form our core.
•The historic Christian faith as expressed in the teaching of the Scriptures and interpreted by the creeds of the church
•Maintaining a Reformed witness in our community, giving clear expression to its basic principles:
oThe priesthood of all believers - encouraging all our members to use their gifts for mutual encouragement, edification, and evangelism
oWorship that engages us in conversation with God and gives contemporary expression to an ancient faith
oThe three marks of the true church - the pure preaching of the Word of God, the faithful administration of the sacraments and the exercise of church discipline
•The fellowship of the saints beyond the walls of the sanctuary, constantly nurturing the ties that bind us together
•Being an accepting community without compromising the convictions of our faith
•Giving expression to God's love through acts of mercy and benevolence, through fighting against injustice, and through giving testimony to our Lord Jesus Christ
•Passing on our faith to our children by living example and instruction

Pastor Chris Lanham

A Passion for Truth

Our congregation is shepherded before God by Pastor Chris Lanham. He has a passion for the Truth and a consuming desire to feed the flock committed to his care. Pastor Chris is a husband to Rachel (our keyboards player) and a father to 8 kids (4 by childbirth, four adopted). He loves good, deep spiritual discussions and mentoring others preparing for ministry. If you have a question about the Bible or faith - or maybe you've got some big questions about life - feel free to drop Pastor Chris a line.

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