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Any Given Sunday

Morning Worship

Sunday 10am

The cornerstone of our community is our corporate worship. We gather as God's people to build one another up, to be equipped to share the Good News with the rest of the world and offer our praises to God. As one body we engage our Lord in conversation and are richer for our time with him.

Our most valued resource in the church is our children - that's why we want to keep them with us in the service. We accommodate them in the service by offering a children's sermon which plots the path for the morning teaching they can follow. We also try to involve them in the service, especially our special services like Christmas and Easter.

The Lord's Supper

1st Sunday of the Month

We celebrate the Supper because it is our God’s command that we keep it in remembrance of Christ and his great sacrifice on our behalf.  Through the bread and the wine we have the symbols that represent the brutality and violence of the cross.  We have a visual clue to bring to our minds the despicable and shameful death our Savior went to in order to purchase our freedom – to secure our redemption.  Each time we celebrate the Supper, we reenact that great moment in history when Christ died on the tree for the sake of his elect.  We relive God’s great act of redemption to remind us and to teach us about what God has done for his people.

But it's more than just a remembrance.  Through the operation of the Holy Spirit, when we take the supper together we are linked with God's people in every place and in every age.  Our spirits are fed by God's grace in Christ as through the memory of his sacrifice,  we are drawn nearer to Christ.


Any Given Sunday

As a church we practice infant or child baptism along with adult baptism based upon our convictions concerning the covenant nature of God.  Baptism is to us the New Testament sign of the covenant ratified in the blood of Christ.  And just as children in the Old Testament were included in the covenant before they could choose for themselves (Genesis 17:7), so we believe God includes our children in the covenant prior to their acknowledging faith (Acts 2:39, Colossians 2:9-12).  While this ensures that our children enjoy the covenant blessings of God while under their parents care, it does not save them.  Professing our faith in Christ as Lord and Savior is still a necessary step for entering into the full communion with Christ.

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